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Massage Therapy

Classic - A custom Swedish massage: light, medium, or deep pressure

Prenatal - A classic massage with integrated bolstering for expectant mothers

Shiatsu - A custom Japanese-style massage: light, medium, or deep pressure

Performed on a professional Shiatsu mat on the floor, clients remain clothed.

30 Min


A custom massage perfect for 1-2 areas focus

45 Min


A custom massage perfect for 1-3 areas of focus or a full muscle group, e.g. legs, trunk, or shoulder girdles

60 Min


A custom massage perfect for a full body massage + 1-2- areas of focus

90 Min


A custom massage perfect for a detailed full massage + 2-3 areas of focus

120 Min


A custom massage perfect for a detailed full body massage + 3-4 areas of focus

Massage Upgrades

Enjoy an enhancement added to your massage therapy session.

Please allow at least 1 hour notice for hot stone.



Select a custom oil to fit any need:

Relaxation, muscle therapy, mood uplifting, increase breathing and circulation, etc.

Steamed Towels


Freshly steamed towels use to deepen relaxation and enjoyment. Towels will be placed on your back, neck, chest, and feet, or customized to fit your needs.



Soothe and calm a focused area of inflammation. Good for after-workout soreness; acute muscle damage; ligament, tendon and facial tissue; & after really deep.

Deep Muscle Therapy


Select one area for focused deep tissue work paired with our essential oil blend of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit and Lavender designed to loosen muscles tissue & our Deep Blue cream to relieve any aches and soreness.

Hot Stone


Smooth river stones heated to 135 degrees F. melts muscles and deepen massage.

Spa Facials

Hydrating Caviar


This unique facial includes the healing benefits of silver and gold minerals as well as essential vitamins to keep your skin vibrant, hydrated and protected beyond our spa.



This facial leaves your skin exfoliated & toned to bring balance back to your oily t-zone & dry cheeks. Ideal for combination skin types.



The lifting facial is designed with a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients combined with special lifting techniques to give you a fresh & youthful appearance.

Acne Relief


Get the relief and treatment you are looking for. We target acne by exfoliating, detoxifying & extracting your skin with organic ingredients and healing minerals that will bring soothing benefits to your skin.

Acne Essentials


Relaxing & effective, this facial will cleanse your skin, reduce redness, and relieve skin tension.



Designed to cleanse and soothe aggressive exposure related to sports and shaving.

Clinical Facials

Get serious about your skin care. Get increased results and reach your skin care goals.

Mystique Elite


This Facial uses orange plants stem cell to increase elasticity, Vitamin C to nourish the skin & Mastiha to promote natural skin brightening & tightening.

Lira Lux


Indulge with features such as the Mineral Retinol Solution, infused with healing gold and silver minerals to give the skin full renewal.

Pumpkin Anti-Aging


This Pumpkin Facial is a gentle exfoliator, skin lightener, hydrator, and skin rejuvenator! It’s a beautiful facial that will leave your skin glowing. Pumpkin enzymes are ideal for all skin types.

Brightening Plus


Restore your skin with peptide & plans stem cell infused PRO Firming Serum & the Mystiq Lifting Masque for a luminous lift.

3D Refresh Series

Correct - Lighten -Hydrate
(Member Only Use)


Sal Pulp Peel - Lactic Peel - Mystiq Elite Facial

Reveal bright, healthy and beautiful skin with this effective series of 3 different treatments.
Only available for current members.

Med-Spa Facials (Peels)

Enjoy these results-driven treatments. Each service was created to give you the same intensity of a medical spa.

Vita Brite


This beautiful brightening facial is perfect for first time client or clients who wants an instant, no down time results. A blend with Vitamin C will leave your face with a bright glow and feeling hydrated.



The advanced treatment addresses various skin conditions including acne, photodamage, and aging. It stimulates collagen and elastic production, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and eases deeper expression lines. It also lightens skin, as well as improves tone and texture.



Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol. Super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants help fight free radicals. This is a perfect introductory peel for all skin types.



Blended with an organic melanin suppressant, hydraulic acid, green tea, and echinacea, this peel is effective for pigmented, sun-damaged, and dehydrated skin. This peel is best for hormonally imbalanced skin.

Sal Pulp


Powered by salicylic, a natural pulp augment your exfoliator allowing a massage-enhanced delivery system to aid in acne relief. Retinol infusion makes this treatment perfect for acne-prone, resistive or pigmented skin.

Mineral Retinol


This cutting edge retinol will leave tired skin feeling renewed and vibrant after we use plants stem cell technology to resurface and rejuvenate your skin.

3 Peel Series

(Member Use Only)

Any 3 Med-Spa Peels - $135

No expiration. Only available for current members. No limit. Purchase in office, over the phone or online @ CKMassageAndSpa.com under the “Member Specials” tab.

Med-Spa Facials



Also known as collagen induction therapy, Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that helps combat aging, improve the appearance of acne scarring, and rejuvenate skin.



This physical exfoliation involves buffin away the surface layer of your skin while vacuuming up dead skin cells and other debris that are trapped in your pores. It removes dull skin, softens fine lines and fades scars and brown spots to help you keep a 24/7 glow.

3 Facial Series

(Member Only Use)

3 x Microderm


3 x Microneedling


No expiration. Only available for current members. No Limit. Purchase in office, over the phone, or online @ CKMassageAndSpa.com under the “Member Specials”tab.

Body Treatments

Full-body muscle compression, body brushing to stimulate lymph & circulation, smoothing mineral body polish, and full-body detox soak.

Clay Detox


Detox - Creamy, Smooth Finish - Anti-Inflammatory

Lavender Aphrodisia


Calm - Soothe - Cleanse

Tea Tree Mint


Invigorate - Restore - Cleanse

Tangerine Basil


Uplift - Ground - Awaken


Feet are the foundation of our bodies. Select any one of these pedicures to properly care for your feet and escape from everyday cares.

Sugar Glow Pedicure


This 45 minute pedicure includes regular polish removal and application, foot file, nail shaping, cuticle care, mineral foot bath, our smoothing house sugar glow and relaxing massage.

Spa Pedicure


This 60 minutes pedicure includes regular polish removal and application, foot file, nail shaping, cuticle care, trimming, mineral foot bath, our smoothing house sugar glow, steamed towel treatment, soothing mud masque, and relaxing foot & calf hot stone massage.

CK Signature Pedicure


The best pedicure you will ever have. Includes: A 30 minute hot stone pedi massage from a licensed massage therapist, expert foot care from an esthetician including, a dead sea foot soak, house sugar

Gentleman’s Pedicure


This 45 minutes pedicure includes manly foot filing, nail care, mineral foot soak, our smoothing house sugar glow, cooling & calming foot masque, steamed towel treatment, and relaxing massage.

Kid’s Pedicure



Detox Soak


Detoxifying geen desert bentonite clay soak. Best for detox, anti-inflammatory, and creamy, smooth skin.

Gel Polish


Extended the life of your polish by 2 weeks.

Nail Art


Chrome, French Tip, Thermal, Cat Eye, Glitter, Hand painted, etc.

NailBar Manicures

Our NailBar manicures are essential nail and cuticle care with polish application. If you are looking for a more full-service experience, you can enhance your manicure with five different upgrades.

NailBar Manicure


A basic manicure including regular polish removal, cuticle care, nail shaping-care, and regular polish application.

NailBar Manicure + Gel


A basic manicure including cuticle care, nail, shaping/care and gel polish application.


Steam Gel Removal


Get polish removal for extra sensitive nails.

E-File Gel Removal


Quick and safe polish removal.

Sugar Glow


Smooth, stimulate & brighten your skin.

Mud Masque


Detox, soften and calm your hands with your choice of tea tree mint, lavender, vanilla, lemongrass or peppermint algae mud masque.

Hand & Forearm Massage


Relax, heal and surrender your worry with this hand and forearm massage.



Warm, hydrate and enrich your manicure with a luxurious wax treatment.

Custom Nail Art


Chrome, Thermal, Cat Eye, Hand Painted, French, Accent, etc.

"Every Little Thing"


This add-on includes the sugar glow, hand & forearm massage, mud masque and paraffin treatment.

Artificial Nails

Acrylics - Hard Gel - PolyGel

Artificial nails are a product that gives your natural nail length and strength. Shape can also be customized.

Full Set






A full set of artificial nails that lays over the natural nail, but does not extend beyond.



Nail Art


Chrome, Cat Eye, Thermal, French, Hand Painted, Accent, etc.

Gel Polish


Add two week to the life of your polish

Lash & Brow

Lash & brow treatments quickly ease your daily routine and make your features pop.

Brow Wax


Custom clean up brow shaping

Brow Tint


Natural brows are colored with tint, creating definition and depth. Doesn’t smudge or run. Results last up to 6 weeks.

Lash Lift & Tint


Natural lashes are permed for added curl, wich makes natural lashes appear longer. Lashes are then colored with a tint if needed. Results last up to 10 weeks.

Lash Tint


Natural lashes are colored with tint, creates definition and a mascara -like appearance. Results last up to 6 weeks.

Semi-Permanent Mascara

Top Lashes




A flexible lash coating with a similar effect to that or mascara. This durable coating allows for smudge and waterproof wear that can last 2-4 weeks.

Lash Extensions

Classic - Synthetic mink lashes applied to natural lashes in a 1:1 ratio. Classic lashes are longer and thicker than natural lashes. Classic lashes are black and already curled for an effortless, better-than-mascara look. These are the most natural looking extensions.

Hybrid - A mix of classic and volume lashes, with the structure and depth achieved with classic lashes and the soft fullness of volume lashes. These are the most requested lashes and the most customizable.

Volume - Super-fine synthetic lashes applied to natural lashes in a 1:2+ ratio. Volume lashes give fullness and soft, fluffy look. These can be the most dramatic and obvious, but are also the best for clients with short or week natural lashes as they add the least weight.

Full Set - Lash Extensions

Classic - $120/$99
Hybrid - $140/$119
Volume - $160/$139

45 Min Fill - Lash Extensions

Classic - $45/$29
Hybrid - $55/$33
Volume - $60/$36

Add-On 15 Min to a Fill

Classic - $15/$10
Hybrid - $19/$11
Volume - $20/$12


Quick and convenient hair removal for 3-5 weeks before your next needed treatment.





Full Legs


Half Legs






















Spa Packages

Indulge in a day at the spa. All services included in the packages must be used consecutively in one appointment.

Classic Spa Day


The 3 hour classic spa day includes a 60 minute massage, 60 minutes spa facial, and a sugar glow mani-pedi.

Premium Spa Day


The 4 hour premium spa day includes a 60 minute classic massage, a spa facial of your choice, a body treatment and a sugat glow mani-pedi.

CK Signature Spa Day


The 4 ˝ hour CK Signature spa day includes 90 minute classic massage, a spa facial of your choice, a body treatment and a sugar clow mani-pedi.

Bella Pack


Includes a brow wax, spa facial and gel manicure.

CK Signature Body Treatment


Your choice of any spa facial or classic 60 minute massage + any body treatment.

Learn more about Memberships, General Policies and Procedures

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