Elite Massage Therapist

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What is an 'Elite Massage Therapist'?

What you need to know...

  1. An 'Elite Service Provider' is not only someone who has many years of experience, they also have proven their skill and popularity with our clientele. These therapists have objectivley proven that they are some of the best!
  2. In order for us to appropriately reward our Elite Service Providers and keep them here at CK, and to benefit our clients by retaining our best talent, our Elite Service Providers require a 'Minimum Standard Gratuity'.
  3. Each Elite Service Provider sets their own 'Minimum Standard Gratuity'. A complete list of who is included and their chosen rate can be found below.
  4. All Minimum Standard Gratuities are based on the full retail rate(ie A Classic 60 Minute Massage is $70). An Elite Service Provider with the Minimum Standard Gratuity of 10% would require a minimum of a $7 gratuity for the mentioned service. Their rate may also be set at a $ amount per time.
  5. Minimum Standard Gratuities can be given in all the traditional ways: In the room with cash/Venmo or at reception with cash, card, or venmo.
  6. There are no OTHER additional fees or charges that come with booking an Elite Massage Therapist (you can use any voucher or coupon!), however, the therapist can change their Minimum Standard Gratuity at any time with 30 days notice to clients.
  7. $100% of the Standard Gratuity goes to your therapist, the only purpose of this program is to appropriately compensate our most talented therapists and to keep them on staff for our clients to enjoy for a long time coming.

We are excited to bring about this new opportunity for our clientele! We expect that this program will effectively reward our top therapists and allow our clientele more long term access to their favorite massage therapists.

**If you have any questions or need to change your appointment regarding this new program please contact Casey, our Spa Manager, at 801-505-9308**

Elite Service Provider List

Name Standard MINIMUM Gratuity:
Kori (Massage) $15/hr of service
Isaiah (Massage) $15/hr of service
Rachael (Massage) $15/hr of service
Crystal (Nail Tech) $10/hr of service (New)
Hayden (Massage) $15/hr of service (New)

***Any "NEW" RATES GO IN EFFECT August 19, 2019***


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