Massages & Spa in Pleasant Grove, UT

CK Massage & Spa

CK Massage & Spa

Pleasant Grove
872 N North County Blvd ste a
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Located a couple blocks south of AF Hospital.

872 N North County Blvd Ste A

No reception services 4-10p daily and Saturdays.

Massage therapy services only at this location.

Please use google maps to find this location.

Come prepared to leave gratuity with cash or Venmo.

Get a Massage for the Health of It

Know our variety of Relaxing Massages. Each massage features a quiet room complete with relaxing music and a heated table to ensure that your massage is as enjoyable as possible!

From the colors, the art, and the aroma of our facilities, you will enter a truly beautiful spa unlike any around.

Our Massage Therapists have the skills and compassion to facilitate your journey of wellness. We have created a comfortable and professional setting with you in mind.