CK Massage & Spa

Starting wage: $17+ / hr
Average Tips: $7 / hr
10% Comission on Product and Membership Sales


  • LMT Owner. I understand your needs.
  • Free Massage Every Month. Keeping you in tip top shape.
  • Outsourced Laundry. No more never-ending sheets.
  • No CDs. High Def speaker system streaming pandora.
  • Electric Tables. Save your hands and body.
  • Brand New Space. Our "Class A" suite keeps clients coming back.
  • Established Clientèle. Start out staying busy.
  • Essentials Provided. Training, marketing, receptionist, supplies and equipment.
Massage and Spa in Utah
CK Massage & Spa
Building H #110, 3300 N Running Creek Way
Lehi, Utah 84043