Our Team

CK Massage & Spa

Bryon Bischoff, LMT

Bryon graduated from a one-year program at UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy) with a focus on deep tissue massage. His work experience consisted of working for a chiropractor, doing reflexology and energy work for a year, and was employed at Young Living essential oil. He has been a part of the UVMT team since April of 2014. Bryon specializes in many different types of massage such as deep tissue, trigger point, injury, and reflexology—he is here to help fix you! Bryon became an LMT (licensed massage therapist) due to the influence from his sister, who is also an LMT, and has a knack for wanting to help people and massages were the best fit for him. Bryon especially enjoys reading epic fantasy novels in his spare time as well as going camping and doing Chi Gong. Anatomy was one of his favorite classes and he loves learning about the body—especially the muscles.

Charity Medinger, Asthetician

Our wonderful esthetician, Charity, graduated from Mandalyn Academy with a masters in esthetics and a license in cosmetology. She specializes in (and loves) doing facials and helping people achieve what they desire out of their skin. Charity became an esthetician because her mother always drilled into her the importance of taking care of your skin and also loves people and helping them in any way that she can; she believes everyone can have beautiful skin and feel good about themselves. Charity loves being with her family, and enjoys reading.

Joy Riggs, LMT

Joy graduated from UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy) in the Professional and Master Bodyworker program. She has been licensed and working since November of 2013. Joy has had a wide work experience with working at Massage Envy for a year, and being a part of Elements Massage from April of 2014 to July of 2014. She has been with UVMT since August of 2014. Joy specializes in craniosacral therapy, Swedish massage, and reflexology massage. She became an LMT (licensed massage therapist) because she has always loved people and helping them feel better is important to her—doing massage, she gets to work with people and provide a service that helps them relax and find some quiet time. It is also a chance for her to share the things she knows about the human body and help people live with more awareness of themselves. Joy enjoys music (dancing and singing), reading, sewing, crocheting, and other activities as such.

Hayden Stephens, LMT

Hayden graduated from UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy) with a focus in Swedish, sports, injury, structural, and reflexology massage. Hayden has worked at the UCMT Clinic and specializes and has been praised in sports and injury massage of which his technique comes from many different modalities. He became an LMT (licensed massage therapist) to help people heal through holistic touch. Hayden enjoys long boarding and has been a long boarder since he was a kid.

Raevyn Morgan, LMT

Raevyn attended UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy) for a year and has been a part of the UVMT team for a year. She specializes in the hands, the feet, and the neck. She became an LMT (licensed massage therapist) because of the inspiration she received due to massaging her father’s hands and feet while growing up. When she saw the advertisement and presented opportunity to attend UCMT she though “Why not?” and loves giving massages even more now. Raevyn enjoys sports, organizing and putting together photo albums, reading adventure novels, and traveling to historical sites.