Zen Massages in Utah

CK Massage & Spa

Shiatsu - Tai - Stretching - Custom Integration

Zen Massages in Utah

Our Zen Room will offer A natural deeper relaxation, increased joint mobility, and a more connected and grounded experience. Enjoy these more advanced modalities any day in our ALL NEW CK Zen Room. Deep tissue, Trigger point, and customization can all be easily integrated into your service.

Zen Room Protocol

  • Keep conversation in treatment room quiet, minimal, and related to your service needs, ie pressure or comfort.
  • Arrive a few minutes earlier than usual if you will be using our complementary Zen Room clothing.
  • Wear yoga or athletic clothing to your appointment

We provide spa quality services at an affordable price. All of our therapists and estheticians are licensed and certified professionals. In addition, we have no contracts. We donít lock you into any long term commitments; come in as often as you like for the same low price.


Aromatherapy - The addition of one, two, or even three scented oils to your massage can help with stress, anxiety, or simply help deepen your relaxation. We offer a wide variety of doTerra oils that can be added to any massage. Add $10 / $5

AromaTouch Technique -This simple yet powerful technique involves the use of 8 specific oils placed along the spine and feet in a sequential order that has been shown to promote stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory reduction, and homeostasis. Add $30 / $20

Deep Muscle Therapy - Treat your extra sore muscles to a muscle therapy massage! Our therapist will use the doTerra deep blue cream to relieve soreness and aromaTouch oil to deepen relaxation while they concentrate on your affected muscles. Add $20 / $8

Hot Stone Therapy - Promotes deeper muscle relaxation and increases circulation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Add $20 / $8

Steamed Towels - Heated towels will be applied to your back, neck, face, and feet to create an even more enjoyable experience. Our hot towel treatment is a great way to relieve tension and further your relaxation. Add $5 / $3

Cryo-Ice Treatment Ė Add ice to your massage to significantly reduce inflammation and pain to specific areas. Our ice treatment is a great addition to your injury or sports massage. Add $5 / $3