Corporate Massages in Utah

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Corporate Massages in Utah

Let us help you reduce stress at the office!

Worried about stressing out your employees? Want to introduce an awesome wellness program that everyone in the office will love? What about increasing production in the office? Better yet - how about an amazing rewards program?

Our job is to reduce stress for your employees AND you! All you need to do is sit back... and relax... Interested? Give us a call or check out the options below to see how we do what we do!

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program

Picture this: Two massage therapists show up at your office - like they do every week, because you scheduled it that way. They'll be here all day. They're prepped and ready to give each of your employees a 15-minute break they deserve. You see your employees going in, looking tired, stressed, and hunched over from low-back pain. Each one comes out looking happy, refreshed, and pumped to get back to work. Production goes up. Stress goes down. Morale goes up. Employee sick days go down. You set the days. You set the times. You set the frequency. We show up and work our magic. Easy as that.

We meet with you to set up the day, the hours, the duration of the each massage, and how many therapists we bring. You only need to do this once, cause hey - we know you're busy doing what you do. Everything from here on out is stress free. We come, we massage, we go. We can even come to your next company party!

Employee Reward Program

Employee Reward Program

Johnny Johnson just helped the company land its biggest contract of the year. Go Johnny! You should get him something nice. Like a massage. Good thing you just signed up with CK Massage & Spa and have a gift certificate (or 50) ready to go! Just hand it over to Johnny with a swell pat on the back.

Wait - there's more than that! By subscribing with us, we let you pass on the savings to your employees! Have them show their business card at our office and they can get 30% off massages too! Don't stress about getting the word out - we'll send you a memo that you can forward on to all of your employees that explains how the program works, our prices, and even a link to our scheduling calendar.

Corporate Events

Your awesome employees have been working hard all year - that's why you're throwing them a party, right? What's a party without relaxation!? Our therapists wil lshow up at your event ready to massage and pamper your employees - and their family! - just so they know how much you really appreciate them! Don't forget to sign yourself up for one too!

We come to your home, hotel room, or business and provide out top-notch massage services.


By-the-hour massage service, scheduled in advance.


Aromatherapy - The addition of one, two, or even three scented oils to your massage can help with stress, anxiety, or simply help deepen your relaxation. We offer a wide variety of doTerra oils that can be added to any massage. Add $15 / $5

AromaTouch Technique -This simple yet powerful technique involves the use of 8 specific oils placed along the spine and feet in a sequential order that has been shown to promote stress reduction, immune enhancement, inflammatory reduction, and homeostasis. Add $20 / $8

Deep Muscle Therapy - Treat your extra sore muscles to a muscle therapy massage! Our therapist will use the doTerra deep blue cream to relieve soreness and aromaTouch oil to deepen relaxation while they concentrate on your affected muscles. Add $20 / $8

Hot Stone Therapy - Promotes deeper muscle relaxation and increases circulation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. Add $20 / $8

Steamed Towels - Heated towels will be applied to your back, neck, face, and feet to create an even more enjoyable experience. Our hot towel treatment is a great way to relieve tension and further your relaxation. Add $5 / $3

Cryo-Ice Treatment Add ice to your massage to significantly reduce inflammation and pain to specific areas. Our ice treatment is a great addition to your injury or sports massage. Add $5 / $3